How Much Does SizeGenetics Cost?

That is the most common question we get and one would like to address head on…

First, do not take this purchase lightly. Consider it an investment in yourself.

We all know there are inferior extender devices on the market that you can buy for a few hundred dollars less.  Quick Extender Pro, Bathmate, ProExtender, Male Edge, etc… are all cheaper.  But they are cheaper for a reason.  To me, your penis size is not something to skimp out on for a few dollars.  If you are going to take this seriously you should not settle for anything less than the best.

#1) There is a reason those products try to undercut the industry leader- they use inferior quality parts made in China. 

#2) They make outrageous claims of 5″ gains in a month and give users and unrealistic expectation of what can and cannot be achieved.

#3) Their tension rate ranges from 1500g to 2700g.  The SizeGenetics extender provides 2800g of tension and is medically proven.

#4) They do not stand behind their products.  We offer a no hassle, 6-month, Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

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Is There A SizeGenetics Coupon Discount Code Available?

No, the company does not have any discount codes or coupons online at the moment.  When they do offer a promotional discount, you can find it on their official website.

Anyone that is telling you that have a coupon available is just running a click bait campaign.  

Like many medical device companies, they are not a “retail” style business and only very infrequently do they offer a promotions.

The company has officially reduced the price of their Ultimate System from $499.95 to $299.95.

SizeGenetics Price

That is the system we use and what we recommend for most customers.  The new 3m advanced comfort plasters really make a difference for longer wear sessions.

However, if $299 is more than you can put down at the moment you have 2 other cheaper options available.  You can always order extra parts or the 3m advanced comfort plasters later on when your budget permits.

Still Unsure Which Package Is Right For You?

sizegenetics comfort vs value editions