Does Jelqing Work?

 A Personal Assessment of Jelqing & Natural Male Enhancement Excercises

Does Jelqing Work?

For most guys, even an inch bigger in girth or length can make a huge difference.

You’re not happy with the size of your penis. Let’s be honest: you want to make your dick bigger. She tells you “honey, you’re the perfect size for me,” and all you can think is that she doesn’t know how much better it would feel if you were bigger.

Well, you are not alone!  Thousands of men search for natural ways to increase their size everyday.   99% of those searches led you to into something called “jelqing.” I’m going to explore this method of natural male enhancement from a personal viewpoint.

I, too, have had reservations about my size, and I think every man has wanted to be just a little bigger. Maybe not the exceptionally large men, but 99% of men have wanted a bigger rod to help please their partner.

What is Jelqing?

jelqing results

Jelqing can be thought of as penis enlargement exercises. Your penis can be lengthened and made thicker with the right techniques. And the truth is that if you jelq the right way, you can enhance your penis size somewhat.

I’m not saying you’ll be dragging around a third leg, but you can see modest gains from this practice.


How to Perform Jelqing Exercises

Male enhancement exercises need to be performed safely. You can’t go too rough with your member if you want to see the right results. Jelqing results do vary – but results can be seen with proper technique and time.

This is a marathon, not a quick fix that happens overnight.

So, you want to begin by doing the following:

  1. #1 – Lube: Always start with a little lubrication so that you can enjoy a comfortable jelqing session. The lube is up to you. Many people opt for baby oil or Vaseline, but really, it doesn’t matter what kind of lubrication you choose.
  2. #2 – Get Your Penis Started: Before jelqing, it’s recommend that you get your penis to the 50% – 75% mark of a full erection. You don’t want to be so hard that you can’t perform jelqing exercises. In fact, it’s not recommended that you ever perform jelqing exercises if you’re fully erect.
  3. #3 – Form an OK-grip: The “OK-grip” is the desired grip when performing a jelq. Place your forefinger to your thumb, making an “OK” sign with your fingers.

Once you’ve reached this point, you’re ready to see some jelqing gains. This can be done by performing this one, simple exercise:

  1. #4 – Start at the Base: Place your grip at the base of the penis as close to the pelvic bone as possible. This can be considered the “start” position of the exercise.
  2. #5 – Move Upwards: Keeping light pressure on your penis, slowly move up the penis and stop before reaching your glans.

That is all it takes to perform a proper jelq. Of course, you want to continue going for 10 minutes or so before stopping your session. A lot of people will switch hands to perform jelqs faster and to try and boost the results that they see.

Is Jelqing Safe?

The truth is that it depends.

Jelqing results in up to 1.5 – 3 inches in penis length gains. And a lot of people have also learned how to increase girth with these techniques. But there is one vital component that will determine how safe jelqing is for you…


If you perform a death grip, you can actually cause more harm than good. The key is to keep a grip that allows for slight pressure on the penis – you should never feel pain or discomfort.

Doctors also recommend – and I do, too – only performing these exercises with a semi-erect penis. Never perform a jelqing exercise with a full erection. Another trick is to wrap a warm towel on your penis before and after you perform a jelqing routine.

“Warming up” is recommended, too.

This can be done with a warm towel, or it can be done by performing your jelq with very light pressure for 5 minutes before moving into the normal pressure for you.

If you follow this advice, you’ll be able to perform these exercises and see real results.

It does take time for results to be seen – but it’s definitely worth the wait.

what is jelqing

The Truth About Jelqing Results Before After Pictures

Jelqing Results Before After Pictures

There are a lot of pictures depicting mens’ penises before and after jelqing. And some of these pictures are clearly fake, while others show a swollen penis, which is definitely not an optimal scenario for any man.

When you see these pictures, focus more on length and potential.

You may or may not see personal results. I didn’t notice any results for a good three months, and the results were very modest. But if you see any of the pictures where a man’s penis is swollen like a balloon, use this picture as a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when jelqing.

Many men will end up with a swollen penis because they used too much pressure when jelqing.

If you see the pictures of a swollen penis, know that the person didn’t adhere to the precautions above. Anyone that does suffer from swelling will want to stop their exercises or readjust their grip, so it’s not so tight that it causes damage.

And there are jelqing devices available, too, but I never personally used one, so I can’t recommend them.

Since the techniques are so easy, I never saw the appeal in trying a jelqing device.

This doesn’t mean that they’re not worth the money though. Some people have commented on how they have weak hand strength or something that causes them from being able to properly jelq with just their hand. In this case, I can see the advantages of a jelqing device – it makes a lot of sense.

What I have tried is using a penis extender along with my exercises to boost my results, and I experienced some pretty impressive gains.


How To Take Your Jelq Results To The Next Level With A Penis Stretcher Device

How to Jelq With SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is one of the world’s leading penis extenders, and the company has helped millions of men like you and I reach a bigger length and girth. While results will vary greatly from person to person, and increases in size can be anything from 1.5” to 3,” which is a pretty big difference and the results are time tested.

But what if you could enhance those results with a few simple exercises?

If you dig really deep, you’ll find that the people who achieved these amazing results did a lot of different things to reach their “maximum” size.

The idea is to jelq as a way to warm up prior to using the extender.

Jelqing 101

Warm Up With Jelqing Excerises

A routine would be something like this:

  • – Warmup using a warm towel
  • – Jelq for 5 – 10 minutes
  • – Use your extender device

It’s not something that is too complicated, and the extra 10 minutes of warmup time can lead to bigger results, faster.

Some people recommend jelqing after using the penis extender. This is a recommendation that is often contested by people, and I can’t verify the claims, as I personally did it before and after using SizeGenetics for safe measure.

The idea is to perform your exercises for 30 – 60 seconds after using the extender to push more blood into areas of the penis that may have been compressed.

It is vital to return blood flow to the penis after using any device.  This can be done through jelqing, or it can be done with:

  • – Stretching
  • – Massaging

And this may not always be needed. The truth is that it all takes about 2 minutes, and is a way to return the blood flow and feeling to the penis, which can be lost after a long session with the extender on.

Is it required? No.

But these extra precautions will help you avoid any negative side effects in your quest for a bigger penis and give you that added benefit of encouraging more robust growth.

When used together, you can see results within just a month. I tried just jelqing for three months with relatively modest gains of just 0.5” – nothing to get too excited about. Then I decided to move to SizeGenetics and did my jelqing before and after my sessions with the penis extender, and the results were rapid.

I reached the 1.75” mark after just two months of combining both of these penis enhancing techniques. To date, my member is over 2.5” bigger and counting and I am a believer.