How To Get A Bigger Penis At Home: No Pills or Surgery Required

The one thing every man wants is something you would never expect: a bigger penis. Even the largest men want to know how to get a bigger penis. Not only is this a prideful thing, but men love to satisfy women.

How To Get A Bigger Penis

And there is always the question of “if I were bigger, would it feel better for her?”

It’s natural for a man to want to be in control, and in the bedroom, a bigger penis is the one way that you can really take control.

But how do you get a bigger dick?

And please don’t say surgery.  As a man, the last thing you want to do is risk having something go wrong and lose your manhood as a result – it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened.

But let’s first take a look at the facts because you might not have a small penis after all.



What is the Average Size?


While you may think that you’re “small,” this doesn’t mean that it’s true. Men always debate on what a big penis is, and the results are actually surprising.

  • A recent study looked at 15,000+ men and found that the average erect penis was 5.2 inches in length.
  • A past study, or several, found erect penises to be between 5.1 inches and 5.9 inches in length.

So, if you’re 5.2 inches in length, you’re about average. And if you go anything beyond this point, you would be considered above average – which is what you’re after.

The circumference of the penis also varies greatly. The average mid-shaft circumference ranges from 4.4 inches to just under 5 inches. But again, these studies seem to have such a wide range of sizes that they should not be considered conclusive.’


Is Penis Size Based Only On Your Genetics?

You can blame a lot of things on genetics, and let’s face it – it’s easier than admitting that you’re to blame for a lot of your faults. But it hasn’t been proven that your penis size is not influenced by your parent’s genes or a gene you hold all on your own.

Your father could be hung like a horse, but this may not be the case for you.

Columbia University found the results inconclusive. The truth is that we’re not sure what influences penis size. Like most observable traits, it’s very difficult to determine why some penises are bigger than others.

There is a chance that it is a gene that you alone have, or it could be passed down from your father or even your mother’s side of the family.

Environmental factors can also play a role in this equation. A person may have inherited their family’s genes for being tall, but they were malnourished as a child, so this stunted their growth and they never were able to reach their true growth potential.

So to complicate matters more, we just don’t know why your penis size is the size that it is, but we do know most men want a larger member.

Thankfully, you can influence the growth of your penis.


How to Make Your Dick Bigger 101

How to Make Your Dick Bigger 101

We’ve learned a lot about penises so far, and now it’s time to get into the mix of it all. if you want to know how to get a bigger penis, naturally, there are a few methods and techniques that have been used by men the world over that have proven to be very effective.

These include: penis extenders, penis pumps and jelqing exercises.

Let’s first go with the extenders and pumps before breaking down the exercises you can start doing today to help your member reach its full potential.

Penis Extender Vs Penis Pump

You’ll hear a lot of people talk about penis pumps and penis extenders. The absolute best extender and one I really recommend is of course SizeGenetics. But before I talk a little more about that, let’s look at the difference between these two.

What is a Penis Pump?

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Pumps use air pressure to cause you to get an erection. You’ll stick your penis into a device that looks a lot like a tube, and pump it until your penis gets erect. Some models also allow water usage to make the “pump” just a little more comfortable.

You’ll keep your penis inside of the pump, and over time, your penis will growth in size.

A lot of people experience good benefits with a pump, but they do hurt (personal experience) and they can cause a lot of swelling if pumped too much.

And you really can’t hide a penis pump in your pants, so you’ll need to do your thing at home before going out, which is fine, albeit a little inconvenient.

One thing I will note is that penis pumps seem to provide more of a benefit for girth than they do for your overall penis size. If you want to have a thicker penis, this may be a smart option.

What is a Penis Extender?

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SizeGenetics Is The #1 Rated Male Extender Of All Time.

Penis extenders, work with a device that is placed on the penis and stretches the penis over time. These devices are used for the long-term (3 – 6+ months) to achieve the best results possible.

But the results are permanent, so you’ll enjoy a longer penis for the rest of your life.

What I will say is that girth increases are minimal to none when using a penis extender, but they are seen when using a penis pump. With this in mind, the length of the penis is what really makes her hit the big “O” because you’re better able to hit her spot.

The one thing that really drew me to it was that you can conceal it in your pants even around the house without anyone knowing.  That leads to much more daily wear and a set it and forget it approach to increasing your size.


Do Extenders Really Work?

Absolutely, and for millions of men around the world.

You’re guaranteed gains – or your money back – which is something that no other device offers. By putting tension on the penis, your penis grows over time as it stretches the muscle.

But you can enhance your gains even further with jelqing exercise – and why not experience the best gains possible?

2 Exercises for a Larger Penis

1.      Jelqing

Jelqing is one of the most popular methods to extend your penis size, and this method has a lot of variations that are worth trying. You can start a simple jelqing exercise by:

  • Lubricating the penis with Vaseline or baby oil
  • Using your pointer finger and thumb, make an “OK grip”
  • Slowly stoke up the penis (partially erect) with your “OK grip”
  • Applying slight pressure, move up the penis
  • Repeat

You’ll be pushing the blood into the tip of the penis and allow it to extend further, which leads to eventual growth. Each jelq should last 2 – 3 seconds on average.

2.      Stretching

Stretching your penis is possible. You’ll want to stretch the penis, and again, there are many methods available. One method that I have found that works well is the erect stretch, which stretches the erect tissue.

  • Grab the penis (below the glands and while erect)
  • Stretch outward for 15 – 20 seconds
  • Change directions (up, down, left and right) each time

This is an effective way to stretch out the tissues and allows for maximum blood flow to reach a harder erection.

These are the most effective exercises I have tried, and I do them when using my extender, too. The combination of the two will allow you to naturally, and effectively, increase the length of your penis. And it will be a permanent increase that doesn’t require pills or surgery.

You’ll find that the combination of an extender and the exercises above can provide you with gains of 1 – 3+ inches in length.

But don’t think that this is an overnight process.   If someone is trying to sell you a “miracle” product like that, you should know better!

Treat your penis like you would any other muscle group.  You need to be in it for the long-haul, with results being seen after 3 – 4 months for most men. And when you choose our extender, you’re using a product that has been around for over twenty years and has undergone dozens of clinical studies to prove its effectiveness.